Sure, big brother Alec's got the hit television show and the famed predilection for paparazzi-aimed violence, but The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas star and possible future Mayor of the City of New York Stephen is clearly the coolest member of the Baldwin clan. Yesterday, the youngest Baldwin wandered into the Brooklyn Roasting Company's DUMBO headquarters to try out a tasty sustainable brew, and stuck around to lend his thespian prowess to this video (which they later posted on their YouTube page):

As you can see, Baldwin declares that "This place rocks!" before passing the torch to his possibly terrified co-star, Angela, then anoints it as "cool" (it's in Brooklyn!) and signs off with a peace sign to show just how "cool" it is. Next contender for the Baldwin stamp of coolproval—Brooklyn artisanal mayonnaise! And you know what's also cool? Making an illegal U-turn and driving with a suspended license, apparently, because on Thursday, Baldwin was arrested in Harlem for doing just that. He was given a desk-appearance ticket, and will appear in court on October 1.