With all the Chris Christie and Petraeus sex in this week's SNL, the show's writers had to cut a segment on one of the most important (food) stories of last week. Luckily for us, NBC has shared dress rehearsal footage of the sketch, in which Guy Fieri reads his infamous New York Times restaurant review for the very first time. Weirdly, fake Fieri's response to the review isn't too dissimilar to real Fieri's response—just slightly more honest: "Grouping me in with regular New York restaurants is like comparing apples and fat dirt."

Lots of goodies in here—"my food is best served through a cloud of weed smoke"—but our favorite is probably the argument that the Times reviewing Guy's is like "Architectural Digest reviewing a college dorm room." And now, hopefully, we can all go back to forgetting that Guy's American Kitchen and Bar even exists.