Video by Jessica Leibowitz

The Queens neighborhood typically referred to as Quooklyn Ridgewood has undergone sweeping changes in recent years not seen since Bushwick (and Williamsburg, and Greenpoint, and Crown Heights, and...). A crush of new establishments have set up shop, including several new bars, a forthcoming music venue, and a bakery known as Buttah.

Buttah's chief baker Kristin Viola has been referred to by some as the "Dominique Ansel of Ridgewood," but after our conversation with her, the "Tom Petty of Baking" seemed a better description: classic, minimal, perfect. In a food landscape dominated by edible publicity stunts—the ramen burger, cheeseception pizza, fried chicken waffle cones, and of course, the Cronut—Buttah's offerings deliberately go against this grain. Think cookies and creme cupcakes, strawberry shortcake, tres leches cakes, and bacon cheddar chive scones. And despite absolutely nailing all of these and more, the bakery itself has flown under the radar, maybe since "the best goddamn red velvet cupcake you will ever have in your life" just doesn't make for as good a headline as the latest crossbred food mutant.

Buttah's red velvet cupcake (Jessica Leibowitz/Gothamist)

Buttah is owned by Ms. Viola along with her sister Stacy, and their mother Jo Ann works the counter most days of the week. Their familial camaraderie is infectious, and it somehow infuses the charmingly stylish premises and treats themselves.

Though you may well get a sense of the Viola family and their delectable offerings from the video above, be sure to keep an eye on Buttah's FB/IG for their soon-to-be-released holiday menu, which will include coconut custard pie, egg nog, and sticky toffee pudding. Trust us when we say the holidays will never taste better.

Buttah's strawberry shortcake (Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

Buttah is located at 377 Onderdonk Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens.