Moistmaker 2.0 (Gothamist)

In 1998 we were introduced to the "moistmaker" sandwich on Friends, in the episode titled: "The One with Ross's Sandwich" (Season 5, Episode 9). The unfortunately named sandwich was created by Ross's sisters Monica, and was comprised of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. The recipe contained 3 slices of bread (one, the "moistmaker," soaked in gravy), leftover stuffing, and turkey. It was the best thing in Ross's life.

We asked Chef Justin Warner to recreate the coveted sandwich for us, and he wasn't scared to destroy the very soul of it, adding his own spin with a gamechanging center layer of crispy gravy French toast. Sometimes when you look long and hard enough at something, you deconstruct it and find that its very essence was its flaw all along. That was the case with the case with the "moistmaker," because who wants to eat a soggy piece of bread?

Here's Warner with more on how to create this beast:

Video by Jessica Leibowitz

Moistmaker 2.0 (the Friends Thanksgiving leftover sandwich recreated by Chef Justin Warner for Gothamist)

  • Leftover turkey (preferably from the leg)
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy
  • 1 egg
  • 3 slices of bread
Warm up the gravy.

Warm up the turkey meat in a cast iron pan.

Whisk one egg in a medium bowl, slowly add in some of the warmed up gravy. Take your stale piece of bread (you can make it stale by placing it in the oven on 250°), and soak it in the gravy and egg mixture, on both sides, for about 20 seconds.

Put some butter in the cast iron pan (alongside the turkey is fine) and place the gravy-soaked slice on top, getting it crispy on both sides.

Start putting your sandwich together—here's how that goes: bread + turkey + gravy french toast + gravy + stuffing + bread.

Check out Warner's new book, The Laws of Cooking (And How To Break Them), for more ways to rebel in the kitchen.