American food companies, you need to step up your commercial game. Not only are Spanish-language viewers outside the U.S. getting celebrity-filled fast food spots but they are also getting magic. And by magic we mean epic, two-and-a-half minute online spots for pizza in the shape of a boomerang that includes a shirtless man using a microwave on the moon, magic balls, pizza-assisted suicide prevention, cheesey music and, oh yeah, a man's penis severed by a pizza thrown from space. Trust us on this one, okay?

According to the video's uploader Pizza Boomerang is "an innovative throwing food; made with cheese, pepper and chorizo. Say Good Bye to the round pizza; and switch to the good vibes.. It's Pizza Boomerang! It has character and lots of ingredients; you throw it and returns always 'al dente.'" We knew that with pizza on a bagel you could have pizza anytime, but who knew that with pizza on a boomerang you could save the world?

[h/t The Daily What]