Food Network queen and diabeetus-afflicted Paula Deen is known for her Southern fried cooking and charm. But did you ever think she'd pretend to give an eclair a blowjob and discuss "stinky coochies" on her show? Well, she did in a blooper video of outtakes from her show!

The Post got a hold of the video—which is part of a lawsuit between her and some promoters—and reports, "The queen of Southern cuisine curses up a cordon bleu streak in a “blooper reel” — dropping the swear words “motherf--kers” and “shee--t” as often as she drops lard and bacon grease in her frying pan." And then she says a dish smells terrible:

“You ever smelled a stinky coochie?” the host of “Paula Deen’s Home Cooking” asks a person off screen. “I know you have.”

...She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, “My ass ain’t pretty no more!”

The curse-happy cook suggestively describes one gooey concoction as “just a syrup that’s gonna stick our balls together.”

Deen yells “crap” over burned mashed potatoes, then disses her own cooking, exclaiming, “That’s about the nastiest meatball I’ve ever tasted!”

Deen had given the outtakes to Celebrity Chef Tours, which planned a multiple-city tour for Deen—the video was supposed to precede her appearance, but promoter Gary Ravet said, "We found it to be unacceptable because it’s certainly not family content. We wouldn’t play something like that for a live audience."

Deen sued Ravet and his company, claiming a check bounced, for $1.25 million and then Ravet countersued for $40 million, claiming that she backed out of the tour. The two sides recently settled, but Ravet says the video was not part of the settlement and therefore he doesn't have to give it to her.