Citizens of New York City, we have an urgent message the Nanny State: "Stop drinking soda, you disgusting fat-body!" This week the Health Department is launching yet another ad campaign to warn New Yorkers about how bad soda is for you. This latest installment of the Department’s “Pouring on the Pounds” campaign visually illustrates how much exercising you have to do to burn off the calories from one 20 ounce soda:

The commercial will air on major broadcast and cable TV stations over the next two months, and will be accompanied by bilingual subway posters asking New Yorkers "to think about how far they would need to walk to burn off the calories from drinking just one sugary drink. One element of the campaign states that to burn off the 650 calories of a medium frozen vanilla coffee one would need to walk 8 miles, from the Goethals Bridge to the Verrazano Bridge." The distances are based on a 160 pound person walking 3.5 mph.

Previous installments in the Health Department's anti-soda campaign featured a man chugging a glass of simulated fat, a guy pouring sugar packets into his mouth to emphasize the high sugar content of some beverages, and a commercial showing toes deformed by diabetes. The Health Department really has it in for soda, and they'll do whatever it takes to pry it from your plump little hands.

"The majority of New York City adults are now overweight or obese, as are 4 in 10 elementary school children and the health consequences are staggering. Sugary drinks are the largest single source of added sugar in the diet, and a child’s risk of obesity increases with every additional daily serving of a sugary drink," said Health Commissioner Thomas Farley, whose parents were believed to be assassinated many years ago by hit men for the Coca Cola corporation. [Correction: That's not true.]