Perhaps it's nice to know that life for a young adult in some parts of suburban America is so uneventful that it's still necessary to devise stupid pranks to alleviate the boredom. But it's even nicer to know that other young adults who have jobs and bills to pay aren't having it. Our hero for today is this New Jersey McDonald's employee, who refuses to enable the idiotic act of "coning," wherein a customer at a drive-thru window grabs an ice cream cone by the ice cream, instead of the cone.

Sure, the video would have been better if he actually had mashed the ice cream cone in both of their giggling faces, and then they crashed the car into a telephone pole and it blew up. But this is an important first step toward setting aside those childish things Obama nagged us about. And just think, we made it through the whole summer without getting iced! [Via The Daily What.]