Well, we guess we know where to go for a fast drink. Sheldon Wiley, a bartender at Riff Raffs on 26th and Park earned the title of Fastest Bartender in the World from the Guinness Book of World Records on Sunday at an event at The Empire Room. To do so he had to make 1,043 drinks in one hour using at least four ingredients and without making the same drink twice. The previous record holder made 938 cocktails in one hour.

Wiley's feat hasn't made it to the Guinness website yet (though it does list a record of 1,541 cocktails made by a team in one hour earlier this year). And in case you were wondering what a cocktail making competition looks like, check out video below. Also? Apparently making that many cocktails is like doing 1,000+ reps of light weights at the gym.