Cronut conjurer Dominique Ansel is set to unleash his latest viral confection, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk shot, upon NYC this afternoon. And not since the heady days of Summer 2013 have we seen foodiot lines this unwieldy.

Food editor Nell Casey, who is at the scene to try the shots, tells us it isn't quite as wild as the first unveiling of the cronut—the line goes about halfway down Spring Street, and an Ansel spokesperson estimates the line is about 60% of the initial one for the cronuts. But it's still Big Enough News that the Daily News is live blogging every portentous step they take toward extra aerated cookie dough heaven.

Tempers are flaring at the hint of line-cutting: Casey says that a "super rude reporter" interviewing people at the front of the line was interrupted by a passerby who asked, "What are you guys waiting for?" The response: "Why don't you get on line bitch." Sounds like someone has no patience for ignorance of Tahitian vanilla-infused Swede Farm milk.