Dominique Ansel reopened his wildly popular Cronut shop this morning after a three-day shutdown by the Health Department, whose inspectors found a "severe mouse infestation" and "several hundred mouse droppings" in the bakery. While the bakery had an "A" rating, a customer filmed a mouse running around behind the counter there last week, which prompted a new inspection. The bakery issued a defiant statement yesterday blaming their troubles on "malicious, cruel and sensationalized attacks" by the media. But today they celebrate—the celebrity chef was out greeting his customers on line this morning, and his speech really resonated with at least one man on line—wait for his singular, slow, passionate clap at the 53-second mark. Kind of makes this whole thing worth it.

Click through for a look at people devouring Cronuts for the press, which was out in full force with their lenses pressed against the glass this morning. This includes our own Jen Chung, who we sincerely hope is on her way back to the office with some Cronuts right now... they really are the most delicious way to ingest mouse droppings.