Every month, New York City's baristas gather for Thursday Night Throwdown, a gathering to see whose latte skills rule. Last week, the event was held at Irving Farm's new Upper West Side location on West 79th Street.

Contestants paid a $10 fee (proceeds went to Bikes for Rwanda), and a panel of three judges determine who advances based on the lattes made. Here's a look at the raucous action:

The winner was Jess from Joe. Joe's baristas are also prepping for the Northeast Regionals of the United State Barista Championship. The regionals are next month—November 1-4—in Atlantic City and Joe will be sending Anna Utevsky, Mike Mortgenstern and Jonathan Payne to compete.

You can keep up with Thursday Night Throwdown by following TNT_NYC on Twitter. Warning: It doesn't seem like Super Mario lattes are part of the competition.