Here's video of six-time Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Takeru Kobayashi discussing why he jumped onstage after Sunday's event, which led to his arrest on charges of obstruction of governmental administration; resisting arrest; trespassing and disorderly conduct. Kobayashi, who did not compete due to a contract dispute (he claims organizers would limit his participation in other events), said through a translator, "I went as a spectator to cheer on my friends, and everyone was yelling 'let him eat,' so I was hoping they would let me eat and prove I am still the champ." And, yes, he wished he could have had hot dogs because all he had was a peanut butter sandwich and milk!

Of course, he jumped onstage after Joey Chestnut took the Mustard Belt for a fourth year in a row (and how much English does Kobayashi understand?). Chestnut wasn't impressed with Kobayashi's claims and suggested that Kobayashi is just talking a big game, "I know he thinks he's entitled to privileges, but he's lost three years in a row."

Major League Eating's Richard Shea insisted that this was not a publicity stunt, telling the Daily News, "We did not plan this. I stake my whole reputation on that," adding, "I think [Kobayashi's] gone a bit loony. I don't know what his deal is. Does he want to start his own organization? If so, he can't stay in this one. I just hope he gets his head screwed back on." Shea also wasn't sure if Kobayashi would be banned from other events, "We have to let everything digest before we do anything."

Kobayashi's rematch with the justice system is on August 5.