The woefully underperforming Jets and Giants have spent all week trash talking each other in anticipation of their Christmas Eve battle of mediocrity. We expect it to go the way Harry Caul put it in The Conversation: "One side’s just losing faster than the other.” But the Jets aren't just a football team anymore—they wipe each others boogers, they go to Broadway shows, and now, they star in Pepsi Max commercials together.

It's not all that surprising that the team "special group of people" would end up in this position—they are led by "fish out of water" Rex Ryan, the breakout star of Hard Knocks, CSI, and next year's Adam Sandler comedy I Hate You, Dad. The 30-second spot entitled "Locker Room" will air nationally during Saturday's Jets-Giants game, and then will plaster your TV screen with Gang Green in January.

We think it's great that Ryan and his merry group have stayed plenty busy with side projects, lest this whole football thing doesn't work out. We can't wait till Bart Scott's affordable line of "Can't Wait" crockery comes out! It's just too bad that none of this will bring any comfort to the Jets biggest fans.