At last weekend's Food Film Fest, one of the more transfixing short films we caught was Zergut, a miniature epic of an inter-refrigerator battle royale between fresh and rotting foodstuffs. We caught up with filmmaker Natasha Subramaniam to find out she and partner Alisa Lapidus made the movie, which took a whopping two years to complete.

"It was basically the two of us shooting in a studio that we made in my house," says Subramaniam. "We shot most of the film inside of a fridge that we had severed the top off of. We actually developed special mini LED lights so we could meticulously light every scene. We had to use work within macro scales, too—real food was challenging, because everything was perishable. And we had to keep the temperature in the room regulated the whole time."

The full-length film (which is about six minutes) is currently making the festival rounds, so it's not available online, but the trailer is up, as are some soundtrack-free sequences that were eventually edited into the finished product—listen with this on in the background for the full effect.