As anyone who's passed within a five block radius of Williamsburg's Fatty 'Cue can attest, there's a whole lot of smokin' going on over there. The South Sixth Street outpost of Zak Pelaccio's growing Fatty empire specializes in a "mash-up" of spicy Southeast Asian cuisine with the American BBQ tradition natural wood smoke cooking. Just about everything on the menu is smoked at Fatty 'Cue, down to the tomatoes they use for the brunch Bloody Marys.

Pitmaster Robbie Richter (Hill Country) presides over two Ole Hickory smokers, which can smoke approximately 400 pounds of meat at a time. On a recent weekend, we stopped by to document the whole pig smoking process, which takes about 18 hours from prep to plate. It's juicy!

Video by Gregory Stefano, photos by Dan Lurie.