More than 3 million children worldwide die of hunger each year

, and celebrity chef Simon Rimmer is using "bespoke duck," lobster and caviar to craft world-class meals for cats.

Rimmer begins by assuring viewers that the dish was "created in conjunction with a world-renowned vet," which is a bit of a pity, as there exist few depictions of "irony" more apt than a cat dropping dead into its Tiffany dish after lapping up the last of its Osetra Imperial Golden Caviar, sorry, catviar. Meanwhile, over in the Asia-Pacific, around 563 million are hungry—the largest population of underfed people in the world!

"The first part of eating is always going to be with our eyes," said Rimmer as he chopped squash into little cubes, that will later be pureed and smeared stylishly across a dish as a festive garnish. "I think that's true of cats as well. I've never been to a cat restaurant."

"If you don't fancy duck—or if duck's too expensive, chicken legs will work just as well," Rimmer says. No, a dusty can of Fancy Feast will work just as well, but that's really not what this is about, is it? When your cat dies on its 1,000 thread count fainting couch, stuffed with the fur of other, poorer cats, don't you think you're going to ask yourself whether little Hyacinth Catnelia wouldn't have had a few more years in her if your cheap ass hadn't swapped bespoke duck for chicken legs, thinking she wouldn't notice? Well, she did. She's probably dying now just to spite you.

The video is six minutes and 14 seconds long. In that time, more than 100 people on the planet have died of hunger. [Via The Awl]