It turns out we've been making grilled cheese all wrong because we weren't, in fact, using a grill. Food Network personality and lover of fun food instruction Alton Brown uploaded the latest in his post-Good Eats cooking show videos, this time tackling the time honored grilled cheese sandwich. Actually, it's a Grilled Grilled Cheese sandwich, because Brown isn't saving the heat application for just the bread.

Nope, the cheese gets a round on the heat on its own in this recipe, which Brown also posted to his website. The cooking counselor uses spatulas and heavy duty aluminum foil to create trays, which he then fills with seasoned, shredded cheese and plops on the grill top. Then he grills the bread too, of course, as befitting the double G-style inherent in the name.

The resulting sandwich is a crunchy, melty, extra oozy sandwich that would please any BBQ attendee. Also of note, the seasoning of the cheese with paprika, mustard powder and black pepper—we would have added some onion powder and cayenne too. Is this a game changer? It could be, if you've exhausted your stovetop repertoire. Or it's just a really inviting video to watch when you have the munchies. Works either way!