Hang your head in shame, America. The land of the Dunkin' Donuts meat munchkin, the bacon beer, the edible bacon candle, the Double Down, the Luther Burger, and the KFC & Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Luther Double Down Sandwich has been shockingly pwned by a bunch of carnivorous Canadians. In the video below, the gang from Epic Meal Time create their truly revolting yet simultaneously awe-inspiring Slaughterhouse: "a gingerbread house minus the ginger, replaced with slaughtered animals." Do you have a crazy friend who thinks it's wrong to eat meat? This appetizing video will turn them right around.

Here's how it's done: Using a "meat glue" as mortar and the steak as bricks, they first raise "an impenetrable steak wall," attach a ham door and ham windows, then top it off with a bacon roof, with ribs as a fence. For the interior design: a flood of cheese whiz. Raise a glass of Jack Daniels Bacon Grease Egg Nog to wash it down, and you've got yourself a Merry Little Christmas Coronary. [Via Serious Eats]