While you were schlepping home via mass transit yesterday, a matzo ball received a police escort from Teaneck, N.J. to the Lower East Side. Some say it was the biggest matzo ball on earth, and this video documents its vastness with a matter-of-fact style usually reserved for footage of beached whales:

In case you're curious, the mighty matzo was made from 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine and an incalculable quantity of matzo meal. It weighed in at 267 pounds, and was 29.2 inches across. Cooks prepared it for nearly 20 hours in a custom-made 100-gallon kettle in New Jersey, then delivered it to Noah's Ark Deli on Grand Street, where it helped publicize a charity basketball game between the Knicks and Israeli basketball team Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv. The game, scheduled for October 18th, will benefit Migdal Ohr, an orphanage in northern Israel.

After being welcomed at Noah's Ark, the matzo was cut into smaller pieces and given to the Good Companions Senior Center, which provides low-cost kosher lunches six days a week. Many seniors were grateful for the record-breaking lunch, but not 91-year-old Seymour Kestenbaum, who told the Daily News, "This is not like my mother's matzo balls. I love matzo balls, [but] they have to be like my mother's."