We've long since suspected something was amiss at Pizza Hut, but it appears there might be more than rat droppings haunting the red sauce. This week, a video surfaced featuring a Long Island-based ghost hunter investigating the bathroom of the "infamous haunted Pizza Hut" in Centereach.

The ghost hunter is a member of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators. they've lent their ghostbusting prowess to the Islip Pavilion Theater and Reid's Ice Cream Factory, among others. The story behind the Centereach Pizza Hut is the following: in the days of yore, the Hut was a Jack-in-the-Box, and a fate most dire (suicide or murder) is told to have befallen a man or woman in the bathroom. Now, as per the LI Paranormal Investigators, employees at the Pizza Hut say they can hear whispering in the bathrooms, and that the restaurant is rife with unexplained activity like falling pots and pans and cold spots. Enter, ghost hunter:

Sadly, the hunter didn't find much in the way of ghostly proof. He did find the vibe to be "creepy" (we have to admit we occasionally find the restrooms at fast food places to be terrifying, too). According to LIPI site there is "possible paranormal activity" present, so if you feel like bringing a Ouija board to a Pizza Hut bathroom, let us know if this ghost happens to harbor a blatant disregard for the democratic process as well.