Mall food courts are the great equalizer, where J Crew, Hot Topic and Brookstone customers can all convene together, take a load off and have a quick bite to eat. So why shouldn't our vermin friends enjoy the same privilege? At a mall McDonald's in Long Island, they do.

A couple waiting to see a film at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville—a hamlet in the town of Oyster Bay—shot footage of what appear to be mice (or baby rats?) scurrying around behind the counter of the mall's food court McDonald's. The vermin can be seen pausing to pick up what appears to be a chicken McNugget and chasing each other around a garbage can...on top of which it looks like hamburger buns have been placed. Quick thinking—at least they're out of reach of the mice up there!

The video's uploader notes that the "person working there had just went to the back" and wasn't present to witness the free-for-all. The McDonald's Express received no critical violations on its most recent inspection last April but the restaurant's food service permit expires at the end of the month. "When you see, it's like, 'Woah, I've been eating where there are mice?" one man said to CBS Local. "It's not a happy meal," quipped another. Those mice would likely disagree.

Gues this kills our big weekend plans to dine at the Broadway Mall McDonald's in Hicksville.