It's no surprise that many conservative Fox News staffers have a problem with Mayor Bloomberg's intrusive "I know what's good for you" soda ban—but knowing that doesn't begin to prepare you for where this bizarre clip, taken from Sean Hannity's show this week, goes. People smoke cigarettes on air, a commenter claims “most Republicans are fat asses,” and Hannity gets defensive: "I've been called a yellow journalist, immoral, a liar, and now a fat ass!"

Fox liberal contributor Tamara Holder is responsible for the quip in the headline: she claimed "most Republicans are fat asses," and blamed "fat Republicans who drive through Wal-Mart in their buggies" for making ObamaCare necessary. "This is indefensible, and it figures that the only person you can get to defend it was somebody who for a living defends murderers, rapists and thugs, a Chicago lawyer like herself," said Imus producer Bernard McGuirk, who also lit up a cigarette in studio.

McGuirk tried to get things back to Bloomberg with this rant: "This guy is an imperious little sneak, this Mike Bloomberg," he said. "He did not campaign on any of this stuff. Around the country there's this notion that he's some paragon of good governance. Meanwhile he bought his third term, he's corrupt. The World Trade Center's still not built after ten years." And then things circled back around to calling Hannity fat.

Suffice to say, if this is what passes for normal on Fox News, we kinda see the appeal.