Roberta's, Arthur Avenue, bagels, Elaine Kaufman, Smorgasburg, health inspectors; those are just a few of the people, places and plates called out in Empire Plates of Mine, a new foodie-inspired spoof video about the NYC culinary scene. Look out for the Justin Warner cameo and watch him squirt foie gras paste into his mouth!

For a spoof video, it's got an undeniable sincerity. That's likely from creator Brian Hoffman, who in addition to making videos, also runs a food blog.

But Brian! Brian, Brian Brian…we can forgive the use of an overplayed, four-year-old song—that's now stuck in our head, thanks buddy!—but we can't forgive a food video claiming to have "all the food options - old and new" but doesn't include anything from Staten Island. Beyond its ridiculously good pizza, the borough's strong ethnic populations also turn out some incredible eats well worth the free ride to the borough.

We get that you haven't been yet, but come on, man! Grab yourself a date and get over there! Don't make us sic some hardcore raw food enthusiasts on you.