All the sugar in your soda isn't just a story tailor-made for both real and "fake news" outlets—it is also now plot fodder for low-rated, critically-adored NBC sitcoms! Really, really funny fodder if you enjoy stress-eating raw sugar.

In case you missed it, on last night's Parks and Recreation everyone's favorite fictional politician, Leslie Knope, tried to introduce a Soda tax in her obese town of Pawnee. And, just as happened when Bloomberg tried a similar tactic here (before he just went and banned the big stuff outright), the idea was met with some serious resistance. But on TV, resistance is funny!

For example, just sit back and enjoy this wonderful meeting between Knope and a local restaurant representative explaining their soda sizes:

There is more where that came from, too. But for now, we would kill for one of those child-size sodas to keep us alert at our desk...