Despite fishy threats from the Windy City, Jon Stewart continues to wage his brave war against Chicago deep dish pizza. But he's no longer fighting the good fight alone. Last night, the Daily Show released their latest volley, a celeb-studded tribute to NYC pizza and its "magical" properties. According to Stewart and co., a slice of John's can cure a broken leg, while Luigi's pies make for easy and delicious transportation.

Watch Steve Buscemi, Matthew Broderick and Michael Strahan declare their devotion, with appearances from top pie makers like Di Fara, Lombardi's and Denino's.

Much of last night's show was pizza-themed, with an opening segment on the topic (which compared deep dish pizza to "string cheese that had been baked for two hours inside Mike Ditka's ass"), followed by a moving truce with Marc Malnati, owner of well-regarded Chicago pizzeria Lou Malnati's.