Drunk ideas often culminate in bad decisions, like ill-advised tattoos and $27 in snack chip tacos. For a few daring folks at Williamsburg venue Baby's All Right, however, three hours of pre-gaming results in a man dressed as a taco skateboarding down the Williamsburg Bridge directly into a car. But hey—those $1 tacos weren't going to advertise themselves!

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Human taco Jon Newport and production manager Ben Wilkes, who took the video, spoke with Animal about the incident, which happened on Saturday afternoon. Newport was apparently a professional skateboarder at 16, which inspired Wilkes's confidence; "But as soon as he passed me I was like, 'Oh shit,'" he told the site. Taco toppings apparently obscured Newport's vision as he exited the ramp, resulting in the crash at the bottom.

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Luckily, Newport walked away with just a scratch on his hand—plus a couple of extra bucks and a promotion! "It worked out great, I can't wait to do it again," he gushed. "I probably won't get hit by a car, but I will risk my life." Owners of Baby's All Right did not immediately return our query as to when the next taco stunting will take place.