Is Guy Fieri trying to sweet talk critics into better reviews? Last month the world stopped to gawk at New York Times restaurant critic Pete Well's all-question desecration of the Food Network star's new Times Square restaurant (seriously: the review got so much media attention it apparently turned the joint into an ironic dining mecca). And now Newsday comes out with its own video review of the restaurant. Except what's that? Why, there's Fieri sitting at the table and buttering up the critics before they eat. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity people?

The critics in question are actually school children on assignment for Newsday's "Kidsday" (a section I used to dream about one day writing for back when I was a child and there was such a thing as New York Newsday), but still! Kids are supposed to say the darndest things, and yet here they seem to be tripping over themselves to be as gentle on Guy as possible. This is why you try the food before you meet the famous blonde guy from the teevee.

From an ethics-in-journalims point of view, one wonders how grownup videojournalist Patrick Mullooly—who, to be fair, shot the clip a few days before the Times review dropped—would be okay with letting his charges Ally and Gillian chat with Fieri? Is it any surprise that after buddying up to Fieri they say, through what sure looks to us like forced smiles, that the piles of grease in front of them taste "really good"? For a better sense of what they really thought of the food, it's worth noting that they only finished one dish between the two of them.

Still, this clearly isn't over. The final word on Guy's won't actually come until America's Restaurant Critic™ Marilyn Hagerty gives her verdict (we know she didn't like Well's "negative" review).