Have you been agonizing over what to get the deer in your life for this holiday season? Well, your shopping nightmare is over: the hot gift for deer this Christmas is a gift certificate for frozen yogurt, as this video of a deer crashing into a NJ frozen yogurt joint shows.

It happened last month at the Peachwave fro-yo shop in Holmdel, NJ. Owner Alan Prachar said to WCBS 2, "I was in the office, and my daughter, who runs the store was in the kitchen, and we heard this tremendous crash...We both go out to that swinging kitchen door, only to see a deer standing in the corner there."

His son uploaded the video to YouTube over the weekend, with the note, "My parent own Peachwave Frozen Yogurt in Holmdel, NJ (Rt 35 North in the Kohl's Shopping Plaza) A couple of weeks ago, a dear crashed through one of the windows and went nuts in the store. I put this video together from the surveillance footage." And he set it to "Yakety Sax":

The senior Prachar added, "We’ve got quite a reputation for having fantastic yogurt and apparently it made it to the animal kingdom as well." He estimates damages to be around $5000.