In a move tailor made for parody, humble, boring yogurt was thrust into the spotlight earlier this week when the New York State Senate voted to dub the foodstuff the official snack of New York state. Naturally, the Daily Show addressed the designation, specifically the antics inside the chamber, which Jon Stewart dubbed "the best 40 minutes any legislative chamber anywhere in the country has ever spent."

But mostly Stewart just pokes fun at the inherent inanity of designating an official state snack. "I'm going to be honest with you guys right here, I'm sure the 4th graders didn't even want to do this project," he quipped. Even the bill's sponsor Senator Michael Ranzenhofer—Stewart's pronunciation "difficulties" are gold—couldn't get through talking about New York's Official State Muffin (apple!) with a straight face.

"The good people of New York do not give a [bleep]," decrees Stewart. "As far as many New Yorkers are concerned, our state snack is who gives a [bleep]; a perfect companion to our state flower, Who The [Bleep] Cares; and our state bird, which is the kind you flip." And as for those fourth graders, they're "already balls-deep in a papier-mache volcano."