An adorable fast-moving mouse was spotted darting around the floor of Dominique Ansel Bakery this afternoon, right there behind the counter with all of your Cronuts. Tipster Cody Pickrodt sent over this video (which does show the Dominique Ansel signage on the chalkboard as well) taken around 4:30 p.m.—Dunkin' Donuts is probably behind this...

Pickrodt tells us, "I pointed it out to a couple waiting in line behind me. They didn't believe it until I showed them the video. Then they had to leave. I didn't mention it to employees. It appeared they were all aware of it. This was the tail end of the little guy's adventure. He ran all over the place in plain view for a good 20 seconds before I got my phone out. Maybe Dominique needs a cat? Like bakeries did in the old days."

We contacted the Bakery and they were unable to offer an immediate comment, but we were told their PR rep would be getting in touch.

For those not afraid of a little hantavirus, tomorrow's Cronut line might be short!