Are you exhausted, bone-tired and sore after absorbing the myriad gut punches the news cycle dealt us this week, these past few weeks, months, years? Have you lived a century's worth of Monday mornings since Monday morning? On a scale of one to "as the hills," how old do you feel right now? Have you slept at all? Have you just been pouring coffee into your miserable face in an unbroken stream, hoping that if it can't burn off your brain fog, then at the very least, it can wire your eyelids open.

Have you met Coffee Squirrel? Would you like to? Coffee Squirrel gets it. Coffee Squirrel sees you. Coffee Squirrel understands.

Coffee Squirrel (on 31st & 10th ave)

from r/nyc

Coffee Squirrel can be seen here, in its natural habitat (31st Street and 10th Avenue, per Redditor witty_username), going absolutely HAAM on some Dunkin. Just look at that smiley little snoot, this little caffeine monger jamming its whole face into a cuppa joe with rapturous abandon. Coffee Squirrel lives for the java. What other words for coffee are there? I'm not sure but don't even talk to Coffee Squirrel before it's hit the bean juice, amirite?!?!

It is a well-documented fact that squirrels, a.k.a. tree rats, love nothing more than fast food plundered from the trash: See Shake Shack squirrel; Pizza Squirrels 1, 2, and 3; and of course, Taco Squirrel. Still, Coffee Squirrel deserves your time today because watching Coffee Squirrel snarf up sugar drip is miles more pleasant than some other things you could be watching, absolutely brutal things splashed across pretty much every news channel available. Avoid C-SPAN, take a coffee break with Coffee Squirrel instead! Coffee Squirrel may definitely be the best thing you see all day.