Hot on the heels of Richard Belzer's furniture-banging, Nazi-saluting appearance on Fox, Belzer joined Christopher Walken to cook some chicken at Walken's Connecticut home. If you ever wanted to see Walken fawn over the in-store entertainment at Stew Leonard's and hang out at a petting zoo, here's your chance.

Things we learned from this video: Walken has two blonde assistants models helping him out, decked out in leotard-looking things—one of them may not be too skilled at opening wine bottles, too. Walken wears a Hawaiian shirt to cook. Walken and Belzer really love Citizen Kane, which Belzer refers to as The Last Supper of movies. Walken may or may not own a jet pack. Belzer really brings his dog Bebe with him everywhere. Walken almost overdosed on pancakes when he was a kid. And they're going to release a short film together about their noses, as they explained on the Alex Jones show.

Oh yeah, and Walken seems to have a thing for cooking chicken, based on the other videos of him cooking chicken online (see below). Unfortunately, we didn't get a glimpse of Walken's storied hot dog eating prowess.