Looks like chef Chloe Coscarelli has put the whole by Chloe drama behind her and is now spreading the love for another, arguably better source of vegan food in NYC: Cinnamon Snail. The Pennsy eatery (and former food truck) is rightly beloved for its decadent donuts, messy Korean BBQ seitan burgers, and righteous Maple Mustard Tempeh sandwiches. Coscarelli recently paid them a visit with a carnivorous FDNY firefighter, to find out if the Snail's vegan delicacies could win him over.

The video was produced for Compassionate Meals, a new program from the nonprofit Farm Sanctuary that "encourages people to take a friend out for a compassionate meal" (i.e., vegan) and talk about how food can be delicious without animal byproducts. And if the subtext of that conversation is "By Chloe's overrated," that's okay too. (These are jokes—we have room in our bellies for both delicious vegan eateries, though Cinnamon Snail was our first love.)

For more compassionate eating action, here's our behind-the-scenes tour of Cinnamon Snail's bakery, hosted by the company's eclectic founder Adam Sobel.