Getting a perfect julienne on carrots is challenging enough with full use of your hands, which makes Chef Eduardo Garcia's abilities with a bionic hand in the kitchen even more impressive. The chef, who lost his hand after being stuck by lightning in 2011, was fitted with a dope Bluetooth-activated bionic hand that enables him to steady foods for chopping, grasp pans and do most things able-bodied chefs do on a minute-to-minute basis.

Garcia appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to demonstrate his hand in action, creating some delicious-looking French Toast on air with ease. The segment also visits Garcia in the kitchen, where he talks about the struggles to get used to his new appendage—"I've dropped things!"—and the advantages he discovered, like being able to grab hot pans and, well, the reduced likelihood of chopping off a finger.

All in all, the hand can perform 25 different functions from pinching to grasping to whacking the head out of a clove of garlic. Check out this charming appearance on GMA below:

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[h/t The Braiser]