Chef April Bloomfield brought her charming Birmingham accent and a full burger-cooking set up to Late Night last week, where she schooled Seth Meyers and guest Aidy Bryant on proper burger-cooking techniques and how to chug beer straight from the growler. The prolific chef and restaurateur was on the show to promote Salvation Burger, the latest in her NYC fleet, which is grilling up burgers, hot dogs, fried pies and boozy shakes in Midtown's Pod 51 hotel.

Bloomfield demonstrated how to make the restaurant's Classic Burger, a double-patty affair with cheese, pickles and a special sauce. She debunked a classic burger faux-pas—pressing the burger while cooking—explaining that all the juice from the meat then gets squeezed out of the patty. "Well, I lost that one," Meyers quipped about disagreeing with his wife on the method.

Salvation Burger

officially debuted for lunch last week, so if you're looking to blow some cash on a top-notch piece of beef, here's one way to do it.