We see a lot of crazy videos fly past us at Gothamist, but this one is off the chain. It was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and documents a prolonged and ultimately violent struggle between three 7-Eleven employees and an alleged shoplifter. Over the course of three minutes and 38 seconds, the employees grapple with the man as he desperately tries to flee, ultimately tearing his clothing to shreds. Then, at the three minute mark, they start beating the man in the back of the store.

The video was shot at the 7-Eleven on Flatbush Avenue near the DeKalb subway stop. We called the store this morning and an employee refused to answer questions about the incident, but 7-Eleven's corporate office tells us, "We became aware of this video just this morning and are investigating what happened at that store. 7-Eleven, Inc. does not condone action that restrains customers or suspected robbers. As a matter of fact, this precept is part of a formal program we offer franchisees to use in training their employees."

The NYPD press office has no record of any shoplifting arrest or alleged assault at the location, but they normally don't have information on lower-level crimes of this nature. Still, this video is nuts, and we'll update as more information becomes available. [Brooklyn Bullshit via Grub Street]