What does an MRE meal taste like, and how do you prepare it? Susanne Rieth shows The Glorified Tomato what to expect from one of the meals—which have been distributed to Hurricane Sandy victims over the past week—in the below video.

The Breezy Point resident says they had "an outpouring of support from the surrounding communities, so between that and FEMA, food and water were on the ground pretty quickly." The FEMA provided meals are called MREs, and people in the city were waiting on line for hours for them last week.

So what's inside? Reith says each one contains "a clear plastic packet, a plastic spoon, a packet full of peanut butter, one full of cheese spread and crackers as appetizers. As a little desert you’ve got an oatmeal cookie." There's also the main dish, which can vary—below she tries the cheese ravioli, which is described as tasting like Chef Boyardee.