Fairway Market posed this question, "HOW MANY OF MITCHEL’S MOTHER’S PANCAKES CAN YOU EAT IN 10 MINUTES?" And after this morning's Blueberry Pancake Eating Contest at the Fairway on the Upper West Side, the answer came: 57.

West Side Rag was on the scene, and they report that 16 contestants were up for the challenge at Fairway Cafe. The store had warned that while "Maple syrup on your pancakes is optional and will be provided by Fairway along with all the water you can drink. ABSOLUTELY NO DUNKING will be allowed and you must hold the pancakes down for it to count." WSR had the amusing observation, "You could tell a few people had either participated in competitive eating contests or perhaps watched them on TV. A few were jumping up and down, trying to dislodge the pancakes they had already swallowed from their gullets to make room for more." Check out the video:

The winner was Upper East Sider Doug Yarema, who forced down 57 pancakes and received a $100 gift certificate, but WSR says the cafe "also gave a gift certificate to the guy sitting next to him, who argued that he had tied with Doug because he ate just as many full plate sof flapjacks as his competitor." That guy sounds like an Upper West Sider!