In a (literally) hysterical rant on The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart, stalwart defender of New York food traditions, ripped into Donald Trump for taking Sarah Palin to get a slice at La Famiglia in Times Square.

Stewart, adopting his favorite, faux, Italian-American accent, starts off calmly, then grows increasingly upset at The Donald's decision to go to La Famiglia ("For fuck's sake, it's New York City! I hate to use this term so close to Ground Zero, but we're a bit of a pizza mecca!"), layer his slices, and then eat them with a fork and knife ("A fucking fork?! NO! LA FORKETA SATANICA!"). Simply put, it's electrifying:

Me Lover's Pizza With Crazy Broad

Of course, Trump did have his past Celebrity Apprentice contestants do a challenge at Famigilia last year. Perhaps he wanted to keep the family. And for you Melania fans, here's the original video of Trump and Palin, with their families, on the scene at La Famiglia earlier this week:

Pizza authority Adam Kuban Tweeted, "That @TheDailyShow rant is pretty great, but in @realDonaldTrump's defense, no less than Tony Manero stacked slices:"