We all have things we're really good at—some people can eat light bulbs really fast, some organizations are experts at stops-and-frisks, and others can burp for a really long time. But no one can burp as long as pizza chef and competitive eater Timothy Janus, who became the first ever World Burping Champion after delivering a burp of 18.1 seconds. Watch video below!

The championship was held at the Hudson Station Bar and Grill in midtown on Friday; it was put on in conjunction with the release of the Major League Eating: The Game app on iPhone and iPad. Janus, nicknamed "Eater X," is currently ranked #3 in Major League Eating. So what's his secret? Guzzling soda. Janus drank roughly 2 gallons of Diet Coke and Mountain Dew to inspire his historic burp. "I was just trying to condense all the air in my stomach and bring it to the surface," the 165-pound Janus told DNAInfo. "You just have to force every last bit of air up. It's beautiful, really."

Eric "Badlands" Booker, a 400 pound titan who regularly appears in competitive eating competitions, also downed two gallons of soda, but could barely get burps longer than more than a few seconds: "When I have that much soda, it expands like my stomach like I've never felt before," Booker said. "It's like the Mentos effect. The gas is brewing in my stomach." Considering Bloomberg's soda ban, how long before the Burping Championship is forced to go underground?

Janus, who wears a mask when he competes, isn't just a competitive eater and game show winner (he won $100K on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?)— he was also the star of the excellent Boston Spaceships music video for their 2009 single "Let It Rest For A Little While."