Everybody knows it takes a lot of shrewd planning to pull of a baby formula caper—you need to assemble the right team, find a trustworthy getaway driver, and above all make sure you have a good fence who can unload the formula on the black market. We're not sure what kind of prep work the man in this surveillance video did before this botched heist, but it seems obvious you don't just stroll out the front door of a Target with $1,437 worth of baby formula and expect to slip by unnoticed. After all, it's not like shoplifting a pack of Huggies!

Police say the unidentified man and woman were caught on surveillance camera stocking the cart full of formula at a Target in Manalapan, New Jersey on Sunday. The woman left the store ahead of her accomplice, who was stopped by a Target "loss prevention officer" in plainclothes. As you can see in the video, the suspect wasn't going to be taken alive, and after repeatedly punching the Target employee, he escaped, leaving all that precious formula behind.

The Manalapan Patch reports that the employee was taken to the hospital and treated for contusions, a broken finger, and a sprained arm. Police are still searching for the perpetrators, and Target's security team says this couple has stolen formula from other Target stores in the tri-state area! Yet despite the scope of the their vast criminal enterprise, Patch the Manalapan Police Department is working alone in this investigation. It's only a matter of time before the FBI swoops in and takes over, but for now stock up on formula! Or, you know, breast feed?