Back in June the owner of Chinatown hot spot Apotheke was under scrutiny for doing what he does best: setting his bar on fire. Owner Albert Trummer and his staff pulled out all of their tricks when The Real Housewives of New York were filming there, and soon after he was arrested for his regular pyrotechnic performances. (When we visited the bar and interviewed him in 2008, he was even getting fire on the floor!)

In court yesterday Trummer claimed he never set fire to his "performance bar," however—he said he merely mixed flaming drinks on it. And as he told the courtroom, "There is no (fire code) requirement for flaming drinks."

According to the NY Post, prior to his arrest he had already received a warning for his scorching stunts, and fire marshalls believed he was creating a dangerous atmosphere. Not to be all Smokey the Bear over here, but this below video does make the whole thing look a little unsafe!

And after the jump, some customers who ordered flaming cocktails comment on their glasses burning their lips: