As we mentioned over the summer, Anthony Bourdain decided to wrap up No Reservations on the Travel Channel (before moving to CNN) with a farewell trip to Brooklyn. A clip from the series finale, airing November 5th, is now online—and it features a surprise reunion of two awesome actors from The Wire! You come at the king, you best bring delicious goat curry.

As you can see, Bourdain had Michael K Williams, forever known as Omar Little, helping him out on his tour of Crown Heights. And while eating at Gloria's, they run into actor Jamie Hector, better known as the ruthless drug kingppin Marlo Stanfield. "By the way, this is a totally unset up, coincidental moment," Bourdain claims in the voiceover. Well, his name is his name, so we'll go with it. Also watch out for a cameo from the NY Times' David Carr at 2:26.

Of course, this isn't the first time Bourdain has hung-out with various Wire actors:

[h/t Vulture]