Video by Jessica Leibowitz

At its heart, coffee in NYC will always be "regular," a simple affair of deli or breakfast cart java spiked with cream and sugar and served in a paper cup. But if the long lines at your nearest third wave coffee joint—not to mention the thousands of Starbucks locations—haven't convinced you that fancy coffee is the new normal, wake up and...well, you know.

Even if you're just dipping your toes into fancy coffee culture, terms like cappuccino and latte are likely familiar to you. You might even know a drink called macchiato—but if your mind jumps to a sugary beverage topped with whipped cream and caramel, it's time to unlearn years of Frappuccino damage to your brain. And what about that "flat white" thing everyone's going on about?

Learn about those drinks and some others you might not be familiar with in our explainer with Brooklyn Roasting Company of many a delicious espresso beverage you can order on your next visit to one of the city's best coffee slingers. Then lather, rinse and repeat and live forever.