In case you missed it, here's an inspiring video of a 7-year-old kid spinning pizza back and forth with his father, Carmine Testa, owner of Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. Testa says his son mastered the skills in just two weeks, and Testa brags on the YouTube video description, "MY SON IS A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK! 7 YEARS OLD AND CAN OUT TOSS THE BIG GUYS!" This video will make you want to have kids and eat pizza, though not necessarily in that order:

The New Jersey Star-Ledger interviewed Testa and son at the pizzeria, where Testa revealed that he's trying to find a professional pizza tosser to give his son, Michael, formal training. According to Testa, sponsored pizza throwers can earn up to $250,000 a year from competitions! "He knows all the tricks I know," Testa proudly declares. "My arsenal is depleted."

Of course, for every bright young talent out there, there are a thousand Internet commenters ready to cut it down to size. "You all realize that's a practice skin right, it's not real dough. Not saying he doesn't have skills, he obviously does. But if he was using real dough his hand would have went through that skin soon or later," observed one gifted YouTube commenter, moments before taking a limousine to Carnegie Hall to play his Stradivarius for a sold-out crowd of adoring fans.