Sometimes the Internet teaches you about things you didn't even know you wanted. Like mashed potatoes and gravy from a machine. Apparently 7-Elevens in Singapore have had this for years! Which raises the question: 7-Eleven, why is this piece of genius—which spew out potatoes and gravy like so much Slurpee—not in every store in the U.S. already? Now that we know these things exist we want them here. Now.

C'mon, just watch this baby in action and say you don't want to try it (FYI, the Internet also tells us the goo solidifies a bit after a minute...):

Mmmm, doesn't that gravy look delicious? Okay, so maybe it is a bit out of Brazil, but so what? The future!

We reached out to 7-Eleven's corporate headquarters to find out if this ingenious invention has any future on our shores and...they know nothing about it, but they have been inundated with calls this morning once the machines went viral. "It may be just a Singapore thing, but we're looking into it," a rep told us before promising to get back with more info when they have it.

In the meantime, we thought we'd check in with the St. Mark's 7-Eleven about the machine. That franchise's owner also hadn't heard of the mythical Maggi Mashed Potato Machines—but certainly seemed interested to learn more, asking us on the phone, "do you sell them?"