If the supercut of belligerent brunchers just whet your appetite for more hot, hot drunken action, prepare your bodies for nearly 12 uninterrupted minutes of a typical Saturday night in the Lower East Side's "Hell Square." This video has everything: enraged drunks refused entry to a bar; a street fight interrupted by the NYPD; a man boldly shouting his love for smoked deli meats and HE DOESN'T CARE WHO HEARS HIM!

This continuous stream of human bile comes courtesy of LES Dwellers, a community group who've been on the front lines trying to save their neighborhood from the clutches of demonic possession over-served d-bags. The video "illustrate[s] how bad the Lower East Side's Hell Square continues as late night bars and clubs continue to foster a SantaCon-style environment of binge drinking, public urination and vomiting, brawls and arrests every weekend," the group said in a statement to EV Grieve. "What is depicted in the videos is not outside the norm but is the norm. The bars, lounges and 'restaurants in this area over serve alcohol creating a dangerous environment."

The following video was shot in one take at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 21st on Ludlow and Stanton Streets. You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of fistfights and honking horns but of blind intoxication. A journey into a wondrous land of public urination. Next stop, Hell Square!

This is like the Cary Fukunaga-directed take of everything wrong with the Lower East Side. "This weekend was an outrage—ranking as one of the worst on record: It was SantaCon without the costumes," the group's statement continued. "Assaults and crime are up in our neighborhood due solely to the proliferation of late night liquor licenses in the neighborhood."

So-called "Hell Square," which spans nine blocks from Houston to Delancey, Allen to Essex, has been a source of consternation for some time, with community organizations like LES Dwellers calling for reform from Community Board 3 and the SLA. We've reached out to the group to determine what course of action they'd deem appropriate to finally quell all this fratastic boorishness; we'll update when we hear back.