2006_06_banandrink.JPGWe love investigative reports from the local news, and this one from Eyewtiness News was particularly disturbing. Did you know that the Center for Science in Public Interest is trying to get the word out about how caloriffic Starbucks drinks are? As in, that Venti Banana Coconut Frapuccino with whipped cream is over 700 calories! Now, the layman would say, "Hmm, it has bananas... it has coconut... it has sugar... it has whipped cream... it's probably not great for my diet," but is the layman going to resist that mix of caffeine, ice, and the aforementioned items? And we doubt that layman is going to the Starbucks Nutritional Information page to find out how many calories are in the various drinks. Now Gothamist totally understands why we're not losing our winter hibernation weight.

One Starbucks customer told Eyewitness News, "There's nothing worse than empty calories. If I'm going to get calories let me get it with some good grease. I want to eat it, I don't want to just drink it and not be full." Good grease indeed! But we've felt knocked out after drinking a frapuccino.