By this time of year, most people have switched their street corner snack from a Mister Softee cone or those mango flowers that lady is always carving to something warmer. A


dense and flavorless pretzel perhaps, or a bag of honey roasted (and not dirty) peanuts. But if you're looking for some roasted chestnuts, you'll most likely have to brave the holiday crowds at the city's tourist traps. One Herald Square vendor told the Daily News, "Every year, they become less and less popular. Some New Yorkers buy them but it's mostly tourists. They've become part of Christmas in New York."

Chestnut season is shrinking; Many vendors used to sell them as early as October, but now they go for $3-$4 a bag just around Christmas. And the only fans the Daily News seemed to round up were the tourists, including one Rhode Islander who said, "It's part of being in New York during the Christmas season." Maybe for them, but New Yorkers seem to have lost a taste for the treat. "It's nostalgic street food," said Sean Basinski of the Urban Justice Center. "I think it smells better than it tastes." Did somebody say "nostalgia?" Get a food truck on the artisanal chestnut beat somewhere in Bushwick and the snack will be savedvendrified!